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What your dentist in Lakewood wants you to knowcosmetic dentistry

If you want to fix small imperfections in your smile quickly, easily and painlessly, bonding and cosmetic contouring is the perfect choice for you. They are the go-to treatments to fix many unsightly problems with your teeth and your smile. Dr. Thomas Nyvold at T.E.N. Family Dentistry in Lakewood, CO, wants to share what bonding and cosmetic contouring can do for you.

Bonding and cosmetic contouring can reshape and revitalize your smile by fixing small imperfections like these:

  • Excessive wear due to aging or bad habits
  • Small chips or cracks due to accidents or injuries
  • Small imperfections due to genetics
  • Unevenly spaced or overlapped teeth due to genetics
  • Heavily discolored, yellowed or darkened teeth due to aging or bad habits

A dental bonding procedure begins with etching gel, which creates microscopic indentations in your tooth structure to retain the bonding material. Next is the application of strong cement, which creates a firm attachment of the bonding material to your tooth.

The bonding material itself is a unique liquid resin known as composite, which can be color-matched and shaped to match your tooth perfectly. The composite is applied, sculpted, shaped and then hardened with a high-tech ultraviolet light.

During the cosmetic contouring procedure, your existing teeth and your new composite bonding will be shaped using a variety of high-speed tools to form a harmonious, dazzling smile that is uniquely yours.

There are many reasons why people choose dental bonding and cosmetic contouring. These are just a few:

  • Treatment is painless
  • Treatment is usually quick, often in one appointment
  • You will see immediate results you will love

Bonding and cosmetic contouring can fix small imperfections in your smile, making you want to smile again. Your smile will be unique and you will want to show it off! To learn more about bonding and cosmetic contouring call Dr. Nyvold at T.E.N. Family Dentistry in Lakewood, CO. Don’t wait to get the smile you will love, call today!

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